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Shannon Chandler

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film STATS:

Real Name:
Shannon Chandler
September 12, 1986
Birth Place:
San Fernando Valley, California
Contact Address:
Shannon Chandler
P.O. Box 33864
Granada Hills, CA 91394

film The Life and Times of Shannon Chandler
She started acting at age seven when she played Jo McCormick ( the Red Beetleborg, in The Beetleborgs TV show ). Shannon also was in many theater productions. She also was in the Hard Hat Harry video series. She had to leave that show in order to move on to bigger and better things, by co-starring in the movie Casper: A Spirited Begining. She will also be in a new movie, The Secret, which will air on Lifetime.
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She is the fourth of five kids in her family. She's 4'12''. She's in the Eighth. She loves singing, playing piano, swimming, soccer, skiing and rollerblading. She once said "She always wanted to be a role model for girls and Jo my character gives me that chance". Her favorite color is blue. She was nominated for best actress in Saturday morning tv by Hollywood reporter's young star report, but sorry to say didn't win. She also collects beanie babies.

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